5 Ways to Ruin Your Homeschool Day


If you’ve been homeschooling for very long you know that most of the time hiccups in your day are more about you than your children. Whether you are a school-at-home mom, unschooler, classical homeschooler, eclectic or any of the other number of ways to homeschool, one of the main things tying us all together is YOU. There is always a parent in charge, so it’s our job to keep the day running smoothly. Or completely ruin it. These 5 things are surefire ways to completely ruin your day:


  1. Have No Schedule   Waking up in the mornings with no clear direction for where you want your school to go is a certain way to feel like a failure. You don’t have to get up early and have a minute by minute schedule, but have a plan. You need a clear map for wherever you want to go.

  2. Have a Bad Attitude   All of us know that our children reflect our own attitudes. If your attitude is out of control, your children’s will be too.

  3. Being Reactionary Instead of Intentional  I would say this is one of my very worst errors. Living our lives continually reacting to whatever comes our way instead of intentionally setting a course and (as much as possible) sticking to it is a pattern for frustration. This one goes right along with number one. A schedule will help you be intentional in your day instead of reactionary.

  4. Letting Your Curriculum Dictate Your Day   Sometimes the handy list that comes with a curriculum set is not the end-all-be-all of keeping our homeschool days running. Be aware of your children and be flexible when you can tell the set plan for the day just isn’t going to work.

  5. Not Having Any Fun   Don’t forget that one of the reasons you wanted to homeschool was to spend quality time with your children. Make sure some of that time is not about Math and English but add in something
    a little fun. Play games, go to the park, plan a field trip, do whatever you need to do to make school (a little) more enjoyable!


I hope that none of these are wrecking your homeschool mojo today. I know that I’ve been guilty of every sing5 Ways To Ruin Your Homeschool Day #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolmomle one of them, sometimes all in one day! This list is almost a prayer list for me because these are the things I am continually bringing to God and asking “HELP PLEASE!”.


What about you? What in this list made you say “YES” out loud? What’s your number one way to ruin a homeschool day?


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  1. There’s nothing worse than not having a schedule.
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