A Peek Into A Homeschool Parent’s World


*Coming Monday – new Q&A with Laura Baggett!*

Who doesn’t like a little peek into someone else’s world? We are all born with a bit of voyeuristic tendencies; it’s okay to admit it. In the homeschool world we are always wondering if how we do things is “normal”. We wonder if there even is a “normal”? Are we supposed to set up like a school? Are we supposed to teach straight from the book, or do our own thing? Is it okay that it only took us X-hours today? Am I leaving something out? Am I doing too much?

How many of these questions have you asked lately?

I did a little crowd sourcing on a few homeschool forums I am part of to see if people had questions they would like to ask other homeschoolers and I was AMAZED at the amount that poured in within minutes of putting the question out there. Many of the questions that I received were the same questions I wonder about other homeschooling families, so I knew then that I had hit the nail on the head.

Because of this desire (need…) to see into the lives of others, I’m planning a series of posts that are a sort of “Day in the life” peek into a few homeschool moms’ lives. Or maybe even a few dads! I would love to “interview” all types of homeschoolers, eclectic, classical, unschooled, mom as teacher, dad as teacher, private homeschool academy, whatever your particular homeschool looks like! If you are interested in being interviewed, send me an email on the “contact me” page!

Stay tuned!

(I started the series by “interviewing” myself, if you would like a peek!)


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