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Summer. That one simple word brings thoughts of swimming, watermelon, lazy days, tropical smelling sunblock, and reading. Well, in our family it means reading. One of the main ways that we avoid the “Summer slide” is by encouraging our kiddos to read as much as they possibly can.

I have two readers, one who is a voracious reader and one who is very reluctant. Because my son is not naturally inclined to grab a book unless he is encouraged to do so, I make sure in the Summer we have a goal to work toward with our reading. Here are a few ways that I encourage my kids to read through the Summer that I hope can benefit your family as well:

1. Make it FunSummer Reading

If you type “Summer Reading Program” in the search bar of Pinterest you will be given dozens of ideas to help you make reading fun for your kids. What program or list you use will depend on the age of your kids, but there is something for everyone. We are using this Bingo game from Teen Librarian Toolbox.

We are also keeping up with titles so that they can participate in our local public library’s Summer Reading Program, and so they can earn free books from Barnes and Noble! If you don’t mind keeping up with minutes (or hours) read, then check out this challenge.

2. Give Incentive

What would your kids work for? A trip to a water park? A special toy? Money? Find out what would encourage your kids to press on toward the goal and give them that incentive. I’ll be honest, in our family it’s money. At nine and eleven my kids are all about making money so they can buy what they want.

3. Join In

Kids tend to do what they see much more than what they hear. If we are telling our kids to read but they never see us with a book in our hand, then they’re getting mixed messages. I’ve joined my kids this Summer with this list from Purple Ink Studios.

I let my daughter pick where I started and she went straight for “A book outside your comfort zone”.  I just finished a Western novel that, to my surprise, wasn’t that bad. My list is a bit more daunting than theirs, so I don’t expect to finish it by the end of Summer. I’m shooting for finishing by my 80th birthday.

I hope these ideas help give your kids a desire to fill their Summer with great books! 

Here are a few Summer reading resources you don’t want to pass up…

Free Summer Reading logs from Educents

Life of Fred Beginning Readers Set #1

We Love Our Family Reading Bundle

Lego City Boxed Set

Minecraft Gameknight999 Boxed Set

What are some ways that your family keeps reading fun?

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  1. Lifeway also has a reading program with a free book and Bible at the end of the six weeks. Those summer reading programs are the best!

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