How Deleting My Homeschool Pinterest Board Brought Freedom

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Years ago I stumbled across a website that changed my world just a little bit. I no longer had to surf through the internet to find amazing content to spend all kinds of time on, it was pinned for me on beautiful boards that were easy to peruse. Like an eager and dutiful homeschool mom, I pinned every single thing that looked interesting to my “educating the kiddos” board. Some of it I used, most of it sat waiting.

Last year we ventured into the land of public schooling. Suddenly I no longer needed all those printable multiplication table worksheets and lap book DIY instructions. About half way through the school year I realized I didn’t need that board, so I deleted it. I deleted it.

You cannot imagine the weight that lifted when I deleted that board. I didn’t even realize the weight was there until it was gone.

Every time I logged on to Pinterest I was reminded that I didn’t make that awesome lap book when we learned about castles and knights. I didn’t make pronouns fun with silly songs and dances. Our homeschool learning was so boring.

It was so easy to beat myself up.

But you know what? We learned math. We learned reading. We learned what we needed to learn sans lap books. That was much easier to remember when the pins weren’t taunting me anymore.

What’s holding you back from realizing that what you are doing right now is what is needed for your kids? So you don’t have a cute worksheet for every subject, do your kids even know those worksheets exist? Nope. You are doing what you know is right for your family, enough said.

If that board is holding your hostage then delete that baby. Believe me, it feels good.



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