How I Make Money With Pinecone Research Surveys

I know, you see the word “survey”  and it makes your eyes glaze over. I’m with you. I’m a stay at home mom, much like you, who is always looking for a way to add a little extra toward our debt snowball, so I’ve tried the surveys too. Most of them drove me insane and I gave up.

BUT, Pinecone Research is not the same.

It’s not spammy at all, they email you only when they have a survey that could be right for you, and they pay you $3.00 for every survey you complete. I know $3.00 doesn’t sound like much, but I receive a link to a survey around once a day and if I answer them all that adds up to $21.00 a week. In one month it’s possible to make $84.00 just by answering 8 minute surveys (that’s my average time).

Pinecone Research uses a point system to pay their clients, much like many other companies.

You can redeem youmake moneyr points on their website for any number of items, but my favorites are the Amazon and Starbucks gift cards or the cash option. Each survey completed gives you 300 points and that translates into $3.00 cash payout.

I just wanted you to hear from a real person who uses this and has made real money from it. No spammy junk surveys on this one! Every little bit helps out our families!



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