Why “Patience” Doesn’t Qualify You To Homeschool

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Patience. Why is it that almost all non-homeschoolers think that we homeschool moms have the corner on patience? How many times have you heard it? — “I couldn’t homeschool my kids, I don’t have enough patience.” You know what I do when someone says that to me? Laugh. Loudly. After which I generally say something like  “Me either.”

There is no written rule anywhere that says to be a homeschooler you have to have extraordinary patience with your children. God teaches us all patience through whatever life circumstances come our way, be it a boss who gets on our nerves or a child who hates math.

So, how do we qualify to homeschool? If it’s not patience, then what is it…? Are you ready? Here’s the million dollar answer.

You qualify by being your child’s parent.homeschool, homeschooling, homeschool mom

Yep. That’s it. God gave YOU that child and He put it in your heart to keep them home and educate them. So what if you don’t have a college degree or extraordinary organization skills? You can learn. You can learn right along with them.

Will it be hard? Yes. But hard work doesn’t mean it’s not something worth doing. When your kids don’t want to do math because it’s hard, do you respond with “Oh, if it’s hard then maybe it’s not something we need to be doing.” No. You tell them that sometimes in life we do what we are supposed to do, not just what is easy. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to have that talk with my children.

Or the number of times I’ve had to have that talk with myself….

So, next time someone throws the “patience” line at you, just laugh and assure them that you are not hiding a superhero costume.



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  1. I’m not a mom, but I’ve watched and loved a lot of you. This is the most true post in this response to homeschooling I’ve ever seen. Thank you! I will share it so the young moms in my life can be blessed by your words!

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